Alexandra May Releases New Single “Like You Do”

like you do

Alexandra May was born into a musical family and destined for a career in the performing arts.  Noticing how talented their daughter was, her parents vowed to nurture her abilities while still affording her the freedom to discover her true self. Alexandra started singing at the age of 7 with acting and dancing following soon afterwards.

Alexandra has been in the public eye for as long as she can remember, enjoying prominent appearances both on television and theatre stages. She finds a great deal of her inspiration in the retro sounds of the 80’s, despite being a millennial, and listen to a variety of musical genres herself.  Describing her sound as ‘mixo-collective-pop’, Alexandra is not scared of embracing her failures and uses her personal life-experiences to inspire the lyrics of her songs.


South African songstress, Alexandra May is not your quintessential popstar. Yes, she has all the right tools. When it comes to talent, looks, the ability to entertain, she ticks all the boxes, but these qualities are only a subset of the true force brewing inside her.

Brought to public attention through The David Gresham Record Company with hit single AMAZING in 2016, Alexandra has come a long way since her humble beginnings. She launched her career in South Africa to critical acclaim and built a sustainable brand.

Seeking her independence, the artist has since severed ties with her record label, ushering in a new era. Her newly found band, The MAYze, whose expertise will be called upon when needed and when venues allow, is made up predominantly of friends and family, who love and support her music, giving her the platform to step out from behind her guitar and keyboard and truly shine. The main goal, however, is to get the party started wherever she goes and share her fun-loving nature with the rest of the world.

Together, the band will showcase a new, more edgy side to the popstar, elevating her to centre stage, and it is here that her true potential will be realised.

As part of her latest adventure, Alexandra releases a new single titled LIKE YOU DO today .

She says, “The song is part of my new journey, the new spaces I am exploring.”

LIKE YOU DO is a song for you.

YOU is the band I play for.

YOU is the person at my show.

YOU is the person I write the song for


YOU is the person I want to have with me on this journey.

The song is available through iTunes

Watch the official video for Like You Do

Catch her live in Cape Town on the following dates:


Author: Justine Bishop

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