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After his release from prison, he lived for over thirty years during which time he travelled throughout the country and propagated siingh true Gursikh way of life through Gurbani Kirtan and Paath.

If after considerable reasoning one is led to believe in any theory or philosophy, his faith is welcomed. If there was any indication of the popularly known Divine Name of Waheguru through such words as Wah or Guru, he would accept Waheguru as the True Naam prescribed for the Sikhs as Gurmantra. One Changexkhan sacrificed a few thousand lives to seek pleasure in it and we hate the very name. Your shopping cart is empty Visit the shop.

Bakunin’s God and State, thought only fragmentary, is an interesting study of the subject. Due to the inevitable reaction for some time the very existence of the party seemed impossible.

There are only two ways. Up till then we were to follow. Now come the time to shoulder the sigh responsibility.

You, dear Sir, have come to see this humble servant of the Panth after one fifth sinhh a century, i. Afterwards, the other three Takhts also honored him in the same way, thus making him the only single person to have been honored from all the original four Takhts in the last hundred years of Sikh history. Whether you are convinced or not you must say: They told me that I had been to Lucknow while the trial was going on there, that I had negotiated a certain scheme about their rescue, that the after obtaining slngh approval, we rahdhir procured some bombs, that by way of test one of the bombs was thrown in the crowd on the occasion of Dussehra This was because he was not allowed sinngh prepare his food himself according bbai the Gurmat principles and he would not take food prepared by non-Amritdharis.


The accidental mixture of different substances in the shape of nebulace produced this earth. Well, the problem is a serious one. Story of the Gadhar movement Here I want to clear one thing, that it is not vanity that has actuated me to adopt the doctrines of atheism. Reply Quote Tweet Facebook. As a reformer, he was not deterred by the strength of the vested interests involved in their management.

Gurbani deea lagaa n maatra n di vilakhantaa. I could see all this clearly and visibly in a wide awake condition He challenged the authority of God in the old times.

Gurmat Adyamtmack karam philosophy. This question is coming before the public for the first time, and is being handled in this matter of fact way for the first time, hence this lengthy discussion. Jail Chittiaan This is the most popular and most widely read book of Bhai Sahib.

But man’s duty is to try and endeavour, success depends upon chance and environments. This is another book totally devoted to the concept of Naam. This book contains detailed account of Gurmat Naam. At such testing moments, vanit-if-any-evaporates and man cannot dare to defy the general beliefs. Important Information Terms of Use.

Hence both of them had become close friends. Let me mention his name-respected Comrade Shachindra Nath Sanyal, now undergoing life transportation in connection with the Kakori Conspiracy Case. He used to encourage me for offering prayers daily. Is he enjoying all these woes of human race?

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Zaharaa zahoor Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Kee Sri Guru Granth Sahib di puja but prasti hai? What is even more distressing, you continue to disregard the authority of the Panth.

That much is conceivable. Anhad Shabad Dasam Duaar: After great consideration I decided that I could not lead myself to believe in and pray to God. Naam saba n dhi vichaar.

Where Can I Download Bhai Randhir Singh Ji’s Books? – WHAT’S HAPPENING? – SIKH SANGAT

Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji somehow managed to see Bhagat Singh in the condemned cell and tried to convince him about the existence of God, but failed.

Gurbani in fact is the katha of Vaheguru jee, done by our Guru Sahibaan. Reading this book one realises how the thinking of a Gurmukh is above and unique from commoners like us.

Do you say, to award the innocent sufferers hereafter and to punish the wrongdoers as well? He is another slave like ourselves.

Jail Chithian – Book By Bhai Randhir Singh

He belonged to village “kutianwali”. In neither case can he become a genuine atheist. I had stopped believing in God when I was an obscure young man, of whose existence my above-mentioned friends were not even aware. The retributive theory is now being condemned by all the advanced thinkers.

What is the justification for all this? This is the most popular and most widely read book of Bhai Sahib. Timar agyaan to