Chad Jubber Drops Debut EP And Our Hearts Skip A Beat


At only 19 years old Chad Jubber can best be described as ‘the next best thing’ in the South African music industry. A contestant on season two of The Voice South Africa, the charming guy with the brooding good looks did not allow his premature exit from the show to stand in the way of his dreams.

His debut EP was released yesterday and it is GOOD! Written over a period of 4 years by Chad himself, each song tells a beautiful story of love, loss and the sometimes unkind journey towards finding oneself.

The EP, which contains 5 tracks,   speaks volumes about the kind of guy Chad is when no one is watching: compassionate, sincere, profound.

The first track on the EP, entitled ‘Fool’, was exactly what I expected from Chad – Hauntingly beautiful with a raw authenticity that had me gushing with emotion.  Every track on the EP is as good as the previous with my personal favorite being ‘Just a Boy’.  This is a tear-jerker of note and just illustrates once again what a phenomenal songwriter Chad is.

I cannot fathom how this guy did not get signed by Universal Music. He relies on nothing but talent and hard work and it is for that reason that he is going to slay in the local music industry.  

When I asked him for a message to his fans he told me ‘You may be lost and you will be fooled but don’t let that stop you from finding you’. Insightful words from a remarkable guy!

Want to hear for yourself what I am cooing about? Head on over to iTunes and Google Play Store NOW and buy your copy of ‘Fool’ – it will be the best purchase you have made all year!


Author: Justine Bishop

Untamed, outspoken and just a little bit crazy.

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