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Fire delivered on point targets or a specific area of other target configurations is called concentrated fire. If firing unaided, fm 3-22.65 must be trained to fire low at first and adjust upward. Term training the force. Term M60 machine gun. Abbreviated fire commands and previously-recorded data enable the fm 3-22.65 to aim or adjust fire on the target quickly and 3-22.65. Aids in observing fire.

He also designates the midpoint and flanks or ends of a target, unless they are obvious to the gunner. Term battle focus training. The leader must make an estimate of the total amount of ammunition needed to support all the machine guns. The gunner aligns the front sight post in the center of the rear sight and then aligns the sights with the target. The leader may alert both gunners in the squad and may have only one fm 3-22.65, depending fm 3-22.65 the situation. Cone of Fire A The gunner may mark the sector limits fm 3-22.65 notching or placing stops on the log or board.


MB machine gun, bipod and tripod mounted. The decision will be made by the fm 3-22.65. Term MKmm grenade machine gun.

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Primary responsibility is to the gun. The 3–22.65 is given, so the gunner knows 32-2.65 far to look for the fm 3-22.65 and what range setting to put on the rear sight. Subsequent fire commands are used to make adjustments in direction and elevation, to change rates of fire after a fire mission is in progress, to interrupt fires, or to terminate the alert.

When firing swinging traverse, the weapon is normally fired at the fm 3-22.65 rate of fire. On rising ground, the beaten zone becomes shorter but remains the same width.

FM 3-22.65

Repeats command, searches fm 3-22.65 for targets of opportunity within sector. Gunner picks up gun and places into fm 3-22.65. All gunners must know the standard arm-and-hand signals. When appropriate, he marks the sector limits as described for the bipod in the preceding paragraph.

Units furnished machine fm 3-22.65 in sufficient numbers should site them within mutual support distances of 90 to meters. The mission of fm 3-22.65 guns in battle is to deliver fires when and where the leader wants them in both the offense fm 3-22.65 defense.


Another way to designate obscure targets is to use easy-to-recognize reference points. The general direction to the reference point should be given.

Swinging traverse consumes a lot of ammunition and does not have a beaten zone because each round seeks its own area of impact. Leaders must calculate the number of rounds needed to support every machine gun throughout all phases of the operation. Army classifies automatic weapons fires with respect to the ground, target, and weapon. The gunner uses the following steps: He should also designate no-fire zones or restricted fire areas to others.

It then becomes enfilade fire as the beaten zone will coincide with the fm 3-22.65 axis of the target Figures A-9 and A Cone of fire and beaten zone. In either case, leaders must take into account key events the guns must support during the mission.