Gorilla Mist: Treat Your Beard Like The Princess She Is

gorilla mis

Beards are all the hype these days and if you have allowed your chin hair to grow wild you might as well make the effort to look after it. Cue the modern- day beard products designed to clean, soften, moisturize and reduce irritation while leaving you smelling like anything from a lemon tree to freshly harvested basil leaves.

Gorilla Mist, the brain child of Gavin and Lisa Welsh is a proudly South African, KZN-based brand offering a range of top-quality beard-grooming products for the discerning beardster.

At present their range consists of Beard Oil, Beard Soap, Beard Balm, a Men’s Grooming Kit and Kitty Mist.

Gorilla Mist Beard Oil does a great job of not only nourishing your beard but the skin underneath as well. A mix of Argan, Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Grapeseed oils is delicately fragranced with a variety of essential oils to leave you with a superior product that will leave your beard soft and your skin glowing. Gorilla Mist Beard Oil is currently available in 4 variants:   Cinnamon, Cedarwood & vanilla, Orange, lavender & peppermint, Vetiver lime & Sandalwood and Vanilla Mocha.   Some of these fragrance combinations sound positively good enough to eat and makes me feel a bit disheartened that I don’t have my own beard to coddle and love.

The Gorilla Mist Beard Soap is all-natural, cold pressed and undergoes an intensive 6-week curing process which leaves you with a bar of soap unlike any other you have ever encountered. Two variants are currently available: Vanilla & Coffee and Spearmint & Basil, both which are guaranteed to leave your beard feeling moisturized and nourished.

Who wouldn’t want a Cinnamon & Cedarwood scented beard balm to tame any rampant bristles whilst nourishing the skin and hair simultaneously?  Well, guess what? Gorilla Mist has one just like that available to you, the passionate beard-grower!

By now you are probably wondering what Kitty Mist is. This product is exclusively for the ladies and comes in two delectable fragrances:  Strawberry & Vanilla and Chocolate Mint.  As the Gorilla Mist website so boldly states ‘whether you’re sporting a fluffy Persian or a bald Sphinx this product will soften the hair but will also act as a great post shave or wax oil’. So there you have it, Kitty Mist is all about keeping your basement in purrfect condition.

The guys and gals at Gorilla Mist are really cool and don’t discriminate against anyone, not even the guys who prefer a clean shave. That is why Gorilla Mist Bear Oil can double as an aid to a closer shave and replacement for your regular aftershave. Nifty right?

Don’t take my word for it though. Visit the Gorilla Mist Website and read some legit reviews for yourself. Just be sure to order your first consignment of products while you’re at it, you won’t have any regrets, I promise!

Author: Justine Bishop

Untamed, outspoken and just a little bit crazy.

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