Matt Gardiner Releases Red-Hot Single ‘Sea of Faces’

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When I interviewed 20-year old Matt Gardiner a month or so ago I had no idea that I would be reviewing his first single so soon. Where I was initially frustrated that he did not make it further in Idols South Africa I am now very happy about it because he is able to make music that is 100% him. Matt is the absolute epitome of a hot and happening young singer-songwriter and is fast gaining respect from his peers in the industry.

Matt’s trusted sidekick, and what a beaut she is!

Produced by Prime Circle keyboardist, Neil Breytenbach, ‘Sea of Faces’ launched on 15 September and is already enjoying air-time on radio waves both locally and abroad.  

When I asked Matt earlier how he would personally describe ‘Sea of Faces’ he told me ‘It’s a mixture of pop and folk – something different’. And different it is: It is definitely folky with a strong pop influence and a subtle electronic nuance pulling it all together. Vocally Matt has never sounded better – I particularly love the gruffness in his voice that once again showed itself, especially during the opening lines of the song.

If you are a record producer and you are reading this, sign this guy! His dream will come true and you will make millions from him! For everyone else, get his song from iTunes, Apple Music or the Google Play Store now!



Author: Justine Bishop

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