From the glittering ballrooms of Regency London to the glorious gardens of countryside manors, Lisa Kleypas invites her readers to visit a lushly romantic world. Only in Your Arms (Vallerands, book 1) by Lisa Kleypas – book cover, description, publication history. Only In Your Arms By Lisa Kleypas – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Tetap saja saat bertemu di pesta Gubernur, Ettiene menuduh nya dan memanas2i Lysette soal Max dan Corrine, saat mereka bermesraan di taman! The heroine was also somewhat too good.

I loved the plot. She found New hunter to be a sexy beast in bed. Max wants desperately to destroy Lysette’s fiance, so clearly ruining Lysette is the answer.

Even up to the point when the situation had nothing to do with her and the fate of Hunter’s life rested in her hands, she made it about her and gave into hysterics and kleypaas. Clearly, Kleypas tried, but failed to elicit from me any real interest or love for this story. He looks like her husband, except for the lost weight and the new air of dangerousness.

Yojr what better way to show this, than occasionally peppering dialogues with random French words like: And they actually liked talking to each other and being together. Only in Your Arms.

The minute he’s accused of doing something wrong, she of course decides to do the ‘right thing’ by turning him in, not even giving him the chance to explain and defend himself. Most particularly the political pieces of the book I felt were unnecessary and boring.


Siapa sebenarnya pembunuh Corrine dan Ettiene? Naturally, as the case is with most romances, she is discovered Now for some of the book I could understand Lara being standoffish but she was cold for too long. If you’re one of those fans, who prefer their bodice-ripping with a bit more substance So I was charmed when he later on nursed her back to health from a fever.

Only in Your Arms

Books by Lisa Kleypas. Dec 09, Autumn rated it liked it Shelves: View all 12 comments. That is really disappointing. But after Max and Lysette got married, it just became too predictable and boring for me. I usually find age differences a great read.

I thought that Max at sometimes was understanding he could also be dismissive and superior to Lysette. Does she talk to “Hunter” about this? I can see why this is one of Lisa’s earlier books because the characters and plot were not very sophisticated.

The books are not identical its almost like one was written and certain parts that maybe did not work were changed to fix these problems. In the rewrite, the part where she mentions Corinne never happens.

He’s reduced to bargaining for just 1 night lisw his wife in return for hosting a costly ball for yet another of her charities.

Only in Your Arms by Lisa Kleypas – FictionDB

I don’t want a heroine who likes to play martyr. I have two reasons for changing the title. Starting off with the opening act, in which Ileypas, a girl who’s probably about 15, first runs into two handsome, domineering boys about her own age, and you naturally assume this is the beginning of the book’s central romance Hunter is allegedly her possibly dead husband, back from the dead maybe!


Hunter didn’t reply, only continued to stare at her in that alarming way. So that’s a thing. I really don’t know about this? Max openly confesses his love for Lysette and lets her know he loves her and makes it clear to those under his roof that she is the most important thing to him. It was okay, so I’m upgrading to 2 stars.

Max doesn’t get his way with his wife on their wedding night, which was a prior condition to their marriage I might add, and so he leaves and goes to his mistress.

Also the ending is changed.

Except Hunter, who’s pretty interesting. Bec This book mystified me. The promise of this handsome, though mysterious, man’s love proves irresistable to her, but she doesn’t know the secrets he hides.