8 quotes from Peter Levenda: ‘And the people – confused, embittered, hungry, fearful – will bow their heads and accept the inevitable. They will trade in their. Peter Levenda is an American author who focuses primarily on occult history. He is best known Sinister Forces – The Nine: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces) (); Sinister Forces – A Warm Gun: A Grimoire of. 18 Aug You may remember that I urged everyone to take a look at the In Good Faith project that represents a collaboration and a conversation between.

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Aleister Crowley Gary Lachman.

So … did the corruption of pster Batista regime contribute to the circumstances that gave rise to the Castro revolution? Read a damn book.

Sinister Forces-The Nine: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft

Why did we have to insist on something so patently obvious? What it requires of us. Suffice it to say it was a torture and interrogation center for the Pinochet regime that was staffed by Nazis and which served as a sanctuary on the ODESSA network and as a node in Peger Condor.

It was never intended to. There is no agreement on what constitutes the MSM: Give it a chance. Fidel Castro, the longest-serving head of state in the world, with the exception of the Queen of England. Think of “wandering bishops” as the religious equivalent of “diploma mills,” schools that give diplomas to anyone.


Meticulously researched and presented in a very sinisteer, unsensationalistic manner, this isn’t conspiracy theory as much as it is a dry recitation of known facts. There seems to be some legitimate attempts to transmit hard facts, but it is disappointingly sprinkled with flip, sarcastic comments and personal anecdotes.

If the Bering Straits point of view is “correct,” then some questions come to mind. And then, who knows, maybe I can win another million dollar bet.

Peter Levenda: Sinister Forces

Aug 03, Paul rated it it was amazing. Why would this Javanese prince, arms dealer, and fight promoter involve himself in something as dubious as a possible Hitler sighting in Indonesia? Aug 06, Albert Venczel rated it it was amazing. Yes, they had slaves. The powers-that-be or powers-that- were in those two countries tried to use the economic crisis as an excuse to clamp down on those same cultural and social values and to re-exert military and political control over their populations.

Then, and perhaps most importantly, we have the spectacle of news-as-entertainment. Parral is also the town that boasts Colonia Dignidad.

I’ve only sinistet Vol.

You can be anti-Nazi and anti-Communist at the same time. With pedigrees like that, it is virtually impossible to make any political points so I was forced to reign in my attempts at logical discourse, except for one last salvo. We are told constantly that the United States is at war. Indeed, this three-volume set could be shortened into a powerful and more effective single volume. This is part of the major project with Tom DeLonge that may be familiar to you.

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American occult writers Living people American historians births. The Indonesians had to deal with the Japanese and with the colonial powers that came before, such as the Dutch. The Skorzeny Papers Ralph Ganis. But in October of we had other problems. I wagered that President Kennedy would not let that happen, that the Russians would stand down.

Peter Levenda – Wikipedia

Levsnda was called disinformatsiya which is where we get our term disinformation. Lovecraft ‘s fictional Necronomiconfeatured in Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos stories. My local contacts and distributor there were of Cuban ancestry, as was most of their staff.