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If I had to tell you that David Scott is one of the hippest South African music sensations at the moment you would probably furrow your brow and question my mental health. I am not trying to pull the wool over your eyes though but perhaps I should rather refer to David by his alias, The Kiffness.

Still not with me? OK, let’s start at the beginning.  The Kiffness is a Cape Town-based live electronic act that was founded by David back in 2011.  Since 2013 Scott has enjoyed great success on local radio stations with 8 of his songs already being playlisted. What’s even groovier is the fact that all of the songs reached Top 10 status in the Top 40 charts.

I bet you are now thinking to yourself that if you have seen one South African electronic act you have seen them all. You would, of course, be wrong. The Kiffness does not merely rely on pressing a number of shiny buttons and turning some knobs. They have ACTUAL instrumental talent and they are great performers to boot so crowds can expect nothing less than an insane vibe when they perform.

I recently had the privilege to ask David a couple of questions about his younger years and his plans for the future. Kiff hey?

You went to Spud’s school!!!! Being born and bred in Maritzburg myself I never would have figured The Kiffness to be a Michaelhouse old-boy. Were you ever involved in music at school? Band? Choir? Musicals? When did your passion for music first manifest itself?

I was heavily involved with music during my time at Michaelhouse. In my first year, I was the only boy in my grade to be in the Jazz Band. I was very involved in the choir & joined the Natal Youth Choir in Std. 9. I conducted the music for the school’s production of MacBeth in matric & lead my house into a solid 3rd place in the inter-house music, (although we probably would’ve won if I didn’t ball drag during our group piece). By the end of it, the school awarded me Honours in Music, but I only got to wear my Honours blazer on the last day of school. Still pretty cool though.

Of all the stage names in all the world, you decided on ‘The Kiffness’. Where did this name come from and were there ever any other options you considered?

Kiff was a word that ingrained itself into my brain during my time at Michaelhouse, so it made sense. Apart from that, I wanted to have a name that was uniquely South African and use a word that describes what kind of person I am to an extent. It was also really important from a business point of view to have a name that was easily Google-able. When you type The Kiffness into Google then it’s pretty much just me, which is useful. If I named the project “The Table” I may have had a problem with people trying to find me.

Other options that were considered:

– Robot Reindeer

– Julia’s Dilemma

– ThankYou Nelson

– Impala Parlour

If anyone wants to use these names, you can pay me R5. Thanks.

You have played headline slots at some of South Africa’s most renowned festivals and have played a number of international shows as well. What is your dream gig?

I don’t really have a dream gig. I was lucky enough to realise quite soon into my career that whenever I achieved my “goals” I realised how unfulfilling they were.

The important thing for me is to just love myself & be content in the moment.

What can we expect from The Kiffness for the remainder of 2017? Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

Yes, my new album “Soul Safari”  came out on the 28th  of July  sonymusicafrica.lnk.to/SoulSafari.  I’m also playing some cool shows, most notable of which are Rocking the Daisies, OppiKoppi & Vic Falls Carnival.

If you had to swop bodies with any local female celeb for a week who would it be and why?

Moonchild. She seems pretty confident in her own skin & I’d like to know what it’s like having a blue mop as hair.

Facebook:  The Kiffness

Author: Justine Bishop

Untamed, outspoken and just a little bit crazy.

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